Protocol for School Closure due to Adverse Weather Conditions



  1. The initial decision about closure will be made at 07.00 by the Headteacher and Chair of the Academy Council.This will be based on local information concerning travel conditions/school site conditions and number of teaching staff expected in by 08.30.


  1. If closure is decided the information will be passed immediately to;


                             Metro for the 2 bus services – P98 and 499


                             Radio Leeds for their bulletins


                             All Parentmail contacts


                             Web site (if access is available)


  1. If school is open at 08.15 then reassessment of the school site/ staff numbers will be made.

The decision to close may be made at this late stage depending on updated staffing information/school site conditions.


  1. If during school hours extreme weather conditions become apparent, then parents/carers may collect their children early from school if they wish.


  1. If afternoon buses are cancelled parents/carers are expected to make arrangements to collect their children.


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