Pastoral Care is an essential aspect of school life at Sacred Heart. Whilst the general progress and welfare of each pupil is the responsibility of the class teacher, all staff are involved and closely concerned with all the children in the school. The school expects a high standard of behaviour from children both in their relationships and in their work.

The school has a House system which gives our children a sense of belonging to something bigger than their year group but smaller than the whole school. Families are placed in either, Bronte, Cook, Salt or Wilberforce House when they start school. Children are awarded house points to encourage hard work, punctuality, smart uniform and good manners. 

There are a range of classroom and whole school systems to celebrate a variety of the children’s achievements, in relation to in-school and out-of-school activities.

The school has a positive Behaviour Policy. The policy gives full details of the rewards and sanctions used to develop good behaviour. There are high expectations for behaviour and our children rise to these expectations. Children are well mannered and polite, they are considerate of the needs of others. Children are rewarded for making good choices with a focus always on the positive.

Pupils feel safe at this school. They know that if they are worried about something an adult will help them. There is a calm and orderly atmosphere in lessons and during the less structured times of the school day. Leaders have ensured that there are clear routines in place. Pupils have a positive attitude to their learning, any problems which cannot be resolved by the class teacher are brought to the attention of the Assistant Headteacher or the Headteacher. The Headteacher has the right to exclude a child from school either on a temporary or permanent basis when there has been a serious breach of behaviour.

Parent/carer – teacher contact is essential to the well-being of the individual child and is fostered through regular newsletters, meetings and open days/evenings. If parents/carers have any problems or matters that they wish to discuss regarding the progress of their child, they are most welcome to make an appointment to visit the school.


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