Academy Council

“Governors are jointly responsible for the conduct of the school, ensuring that the best possible Catholic education is provided for the pupils attending the school. This means ensuring the school is run according to its Articles of Association and the Diocesan Trust Deed, that its religious character is preserved and developed, and that pupils obtain high standards of academic achievement.”
— Diocese of Leeds Office for Education and Schools

The role of Foundation Governors - Diocese of Leeds Education

Scheme of Delegation

Sacred Heart Ilkley Scheme of Delegation (1/4/2013)

end of year Statement of Governance

Statement of Governance (July 2019)

Statement of Governance (July 2017)

Contact for the Chair of the Academy Council

Mr Eddie Jones, Chair of the Academy Council:

Academy Council Members 2018/19

Name Position on Academy Council Term of Office Lead Governor Business Interests Governance Interests Class link
Relationships to members of the school staff
Mr Eddie Jones Foundation Governor

Chair of the Academy Council
01.09.16 – 31.08.20 Catholic Life


Community Engagement
none none Y3 none
Mgr Keiran Heskin Foundation Governors

Sacred Heart Parish Priest
01.09.16 –31.08.20 Diocese of Leeds Trustee

Hinsley Properties - Director
none Y4 none
Mrs Mary Curran Foundation Governor 01.09.16 –31.08.20 Teaching, Learning and Pastoral Care/Key Pupil Groups
none none YR and Y2
Mr Duncan Hoggett Foundation Governor 01.09.17–31.08.21 Child Protection and Safeguarding Odgers Berndtson - partner none Y6 none
Mrs Clare Armitage Foundation Governor 28.03.19 – 27.03.23 Lead Governor: Resources none Y1 none
Mr Alan Blighe Parent Governor 4.10.17 -3.10.21 Training

Performance Management

Staff Welfare
none Y5
Miss Claire Mountain Staff Governor

Assistant Head
27.09.17–26.09.21 n/a none none n/a Partner of Mr L Gilhooly, teacher
Mrs Alixena Lubomski Headteacher 1.9.2012 – n./a none Director of The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust (BWCAT)

Diocesan S48 Inspector
n/a none

Membership of admissions COMMITTEE 2018/19

  • Mr Eddie Jones

  • Mr Alan Blighe

  • Miss Claire Mountain

  • Mrs Alixena Lubomski

HT Performance Management Committee

  • Mr Eddie Jones - Chair

  • Vacancy

  • Mrs Caroline Hyde - BWCAT Trust Director

  • Ms Tina Warden – Educational Consultant

Attendance at Academy Council Meetings and Committees 2017/18

Name Academy Council Meetings Resources Committee School Improvement Committee Admissions Committee
Mr Eddie Jones 4 of possible 4 3 of possible 3 3 of possible 3 1 of possible 1
Mgr Keiran Heskin 4 of possible 4 n/a n/a n/a
Mrs Karen Robertson 4 of possible 4 3 of possible 3 n/a n/a
Mrs Mary Curran 3 of possible 4 n/a 3 of possible 3 n/a
Mr Duncan Hoggett 4 of possible 4 3 of possible 3 n/a n/a
Mr Alan Blighe 3 of possible 3 n/a 3 of possible 3 1 of possible 1
Miss Claire Mountain 4 of possible 4 n/a 3 of possible 3 1 of possible 1
Mrs Alixena Lubomski 4 of possible 4 3 of possible 3 3 of possible 3 1 of possible 1

Former Members of the Academy Council who served within the last 12 months

Mrs K Robertson, Term ended 31.8.18. Foundation Governor . No business interests. Not related to any members of school staff.

How Academy Councillors are Appointed

  • Foundation councillors are appointed by the Diocese of Leeds, following recommendation from the parish priests.

  • Staff councillors are appointed through a process of election by the whole staff of the academy.

  • Parent councillors are appointed through a process of election by the parents of students at the academy.

  • The Foundation Priest maintains their post for a fixed term.

  • The Headteacher maintains their post for as long as they are in role.

Academy Council Minutes

Academy Council Minutes