A Catholic school's primary purpose is to support families in the education of their children. Schools strive to enable each child to attain personal excellence in their studies and through the formation of their human values and understanding of God's purpose in their life. (Diocesan Protocols)

This page WILL BE PROVIDING  some material and links for parents and carers about Catholic family life and not only gives you an opportunity to understand your central role in developing the Catholic life and education of your children but also to reflect on your own relationships as well as the dynamic between home, school and the parish.

Pope Francis' teaching on family life is contained within the document 'Amoris Letitia', or ' The Joy of Love',

"Amoris Laetitia, or “The Joy of Love,” is  Pope Francis’  apostolic exhortation on the “Synods on the Family” that met in  2014 and 2015. Those synods, which were meetings of bishops from all over the world, met amidst great expectations and concerns about the future of the family. The words of Pope Francis are practical and relevant and do not remain in the abstract.