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Our calculations policy will help you with the methods we teach in school. Please refer to our Policies page on this website.

Please see below for useful links for Home Learning.

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Information and links on talking about the Coronavirus with your children:

  • Talking about Coronavirus with Children (Engage Education website)
  • Covid-19: Child-led learning resource (PDF, 5MB) on The Economist
    Educational Foundation website
  • Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus (Nurse Dotty Books website) –
    a story book for young children that aims to help them learn about coronavirus without fear.
  • The coronavirus explained and what you should do (YouTube
    Video, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell) – an excellent, informative animated video, explaining how the virus works and what we need to do to defeat it. Suitable for older children.
  • Coronavirus (BrainPop website) – a range of resources to help children learn about the coronavirus, viruses generally, the history of microscopy etc. Includes an excellent animated video and quizzes.
  • Talking to kids about the coronavirus (Child Mind Institute website).
  • Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website).
  • First news website – You can download one copy for free (PDF) which
    includes a 4-page spread on coronavirus

A step-by-step guide for logging into Google Classroom for the first time.

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