Blue Planet Live

Year 5 took part in a Live Blue Planet session this afternoon. The lesson showed us the impact that single use plastics are having on our oceans and life within them.

Prior to the session we submitted a range of questions… and believe it or not… 7000km away in the Bahamas, presenter Steve Backshall, after swimming with sharks, read out and answered one of our questions - Is is possible to develop a biodegradable plastic bag?

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Click the link below to watch the session:


Bishop Marcus celebrates Sacred Heart Catholic Primary’s Golden Jubilee in Ilkley @CatholicEdLeeds @CathEdService

Bishop Marcus received an enthusiastic welcome from the children, current staff, previous staff and governors on the 19th September 2018. The Chair of the Bishop Wheeler Trust, Mrs Hyde, and the Diocesan Director for Education, Mrs Cox, were also present.  

A special Liturgy was celebrated to recognise the Golden Jubilee of the school being on its current site in Ilkley. The Bishop talked to the children about the importance of living their Faith everyday and also that we should all find ways to remember special events in all of our lives.

The children led the prayers and sang joyfully about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit with actions. In memory of his visit, the children presented the Bishop with a painting of the Sacred Heart symbol made with their finger prints. Each finger print represents a prayer for the Bishop’s intentions.

The school community gathered at Sacred Heart Church later on the same day for a Mass of Thanksgiving for the school. The historical documents show that it has been in existence in Ilkley since the turn of the twentieth century and has been known as Ilkley RC School, St Mary’s RC School and Sacred Heart Catholic Primary.


Our school's families are all most welcome to our Awards' assemblies (please check the Annual Event calendar on this website for all of the dates).

The children are encouraged to bring in certificates and awards that they have received at out of school activities.

The teachers and lunchtime staff present awards for a wide range of reasons across the school year.

We look forward to seeing many of you at these assemblies.