School Council 2016/17 

Welcome to our School Council page...

The School Council discusses and makes decisions on a range of issues, including playtime activities and the development of the school grounds. Pupils from Year 1 upwards are elected by their peers to become School Councillors. The Council have regular meetings. Minutes taken from the meetings can be found and the foot of this page. 


Year 1 - Annie S and Jacob B

Year 2 - Charlotte F and Tommaso C

Year 3 - Emilia A and Eddie C

Year 4 - Jemima M and Adam H

Year 5 - Louisa W and Blaise W-E

Year 6 - Deputy Head Girl: Grace C

Year 6 - Deputy Head Boy: Ben B

Year 6 - HEAD GIRL: Isobelle M

Year 6 - HEAD BOY: Joe B


School Council Agendas






Some weeks ago our school was successful in applying for, and receiving, a free copse of 30 trees from the Woodland Trust Organisation. The school council contacted Mr Jones, our chair of governors, to meet with them to discuss planting the trees. A suitable location was decided and today the planting took place.

The school council, Mrs Lees and Mr Gilhooly (school council coordinators) learned from Mr Jones how to prepare the holes and saplings prior to planting.  All of the children worked hard digging and fetching and carrying water and compost. They had a great, but rather mucky, time! 

The children are looking forward to monitoring the trees' progress over the coming months.