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From Mrs Brooke and Mrs Walker


Year 1 have really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day today.


The children have settled really well and already produced some fabulous writing and maths. It was lovely to meet so many of you at the β€˜New to Year 1’ meeting on Thursday.

New to Year 1 Meeting presentation

Download the New to Year 1 Meeting presentation as a PowerPoint file

24.9.18 Year 1 and Reception class had a great Toy day. They told each other about their special toy and had a great time playing with them. The children are bringing home a toy survey for you and other family members to complete with them. Tell them all about your favourite childhood toy.

15.10.18 We all enjoyed learning about Judaism with Mrs Yellin. She showed us lots of interesting Jewish artefacts. She was very impressed with the questions we asked.