The Bishop’s annual Good Shepherd Service took place at St. Anne’s Cathedral on 1 May 2015.

The presentation of cheques to the Bishop for Catholic Care is known as the Good Shepherd collection. The Bishop explained to the students that his hands were covered as he blessed them with the Blessed Sacrament to show that the blessing came from God.
Each school in the Diocese then presented their cheque to the Bishop and he was eager to know what they had done to raise the money – this part of the service took over an hour – but a constant singing of Hymns not only kept the students in the right frame of mind, but also demonstrated the knowledge of the organist! At the end of which the Bishop said a few words thanking them for coming again to the Cathedral and thanked them for the money they raised. He said he had enjoyed hearing how they had done it.

Corpus leads the Good Shepherd Liturgy [DIOCESEOFLEEDS.ORG.UK]


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