Every school day counts:

Every single day a child is absent from school = a day of lost learning

For some parents, 90% may seem like an acceptable level of attendance, but the reality is that 90% attendance means your child will miss half a school day each week or 19 days of school during the year – that’s nearly 4 school weeks!

If your child has 90% attendance each year they are at our school they will miss a total of 28 weeks – which is half a school year lost!

Give your child the best start in life – every school day counts

Persistent Absence:

Children are identified as persistent absentees if they miss 10% or more school sessions available to them.

Why it is important for your child to arrive at school on time:

Arriving late to school:

  • Can cause embarrassment for the child
  • Can cause disruption to the rest of the class
  • Can make it harder for the child to settle
  • Impacts on the child’s learning, progress and achievement

Being 15 minutes late each day during an entire school year is the same as missing two whole weeks of school!


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